Blackjack stand sur soft 17

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This is probably the most common rule difference in blackjack games. A soft 17 is one that includes an Ace valued at 11 and can be valued at 17 or 7. 17 is the standard value that a dealer would normally be forced to stand on. The house edge is higher when the dealer has to hit on soft 17 rather than stand on that value.

Here again I’ve seen players push out a secondary bet when they are dealt a soft 17 against, say, a dealer’s 5 upcard, only to have the additional chips returned to them by the blackjack dealer, saying, “Sir, doubling down is allowed only on 9, 10 or 11,” while they point to the placard on the table that states this rule. The player is often embarrassed at making this gaffe, and not knowing what to do, often sheepishly stands, whereas the correct play is to hit. If the dealer's upcard is a 3, 4, 5, or 6, then she probably has a stiff hand, which means she has a good chance of going bust. The highest card you can be dealt when you have a soft 17 is a ten, which gives you a new total of 17, which will beat a lot of dealer hands. These two factors combined make doubling down a good way to get more money in action while you have an advantage. Soft 17 is a blackjack that consists of an Ace used as 11 plus a Six. Any other hand that adds up to 17 points (Seven plus a Ten or a face card, for example) is referred to as hard 17. The blackjack table layout will tell you whether the dealer hits on soft 17. It will be written right there: “Dealer Hits Soft 17.”. If you have a soft 19 or 20, you should always stand. You are unlikely to get a stronger hand than this. For a soft 18 against the dealer’s 2 through 8, stand. If the dealer shows 9, 10, or an ace, hit. If your total is soft 17 or less, you should always hit. Rules. Blackjack pays 3 to 2. Dealer stands on soft 17. 6 decks. Double after split allowed. Resplit aces. No surrender. Learn before you get to the table. Blackjack Resources. In blackjack every card that is played has an impact on the distribution of the remaining cards. The following lists will show exactly how to play your cards immediately after a shuffle in a double deck game where the dealer stands on a soft 17. For example, in some games, the dealer must stand on a Soft 17, that is, an Ace, plus any combination of cards equaling 6. This is called a “Stand 17” game. In other games, the dealer must hit on any Soft 17. This is called a “Hit 17” game.

Most blackjack players are oblivious to whether the dealer stands or hits on soft 17. Dealer stands on soft 17 was the standard rule in years past, but a growing number of casinos now require the dealer to hit on soft 17 (hands like Ace, 6).

draw to 16 and “stand” when 17 or more is reached, or on select games, the dealer will hit a soft 17. A soft total is one that cannot “break” if one more card is taken like a 17 comprised of an Ace and a 6. At the end of the game, if your count is the same as the dealer’s, it is a “push” (neither the dealer or you win). Jun 13, 2019 If you get soft 18, do not hit if the dealer has a 2, 7, or 8 upcard – a soft 18 is good enough to give you a chance to win already. What is Stand in Blackjack. Stand is a decision in Blackjack that considers not taking any more cards in your hand. You choose to stand when you think you have the best value for your hand in the round. Feb 11, 2020

In the world of blackjack some casinos require dealers to stand when their hand is a soft 17 (designated as s17), whereas others require dealers to hit soft 17 (i.e. they have implemented the soft 17 rule or h17). You can always tell whether a casino has the soft 17 rule or not by reading the wording on the table layout.

Apr 07, 2017 Playing 17 vs. A in Blackjack. Here's the situation: You are playing in a multiple deck game, where the dealer is required to stand on soft 17. You are dealt an eight and a nine for a two card total of 17, and the dealer draws an Ace as his hole card.

Look at the blackjack felt, and it will either say, “Dealer must draw to 16 and stand on all 17s” for S17, or “Dealer must Hit Soft 17” for H17. Stand 17 Table Felt. Hit 

"I played blackjack in a casino and noticed that whenever the dealer had a soft 17 hand, he would take a card. I thought dealers were supposed to stand on 17.". Look at the blackjack felt, and it will either say, “Dealer must draw to 16 and stand on all 17s” for S17, or “Dealer must Hit Soft 17” for H17. Stand 17 Table Felt. Hit